The open-source Interview Tracking app 👀📝 - RoadToJobs
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Every journey has its meaning, the same goes for your Interview & Road to your new jobs.

Key Features 🚀

Road To Jobs helps you to:
  • Create a journey for every interview period in your life.
  • Mark a goal for the journey and start to tackle it.
  • Track every status and proactively handle the progress of the interview.
  • Noted everything, noted today, and great lessons for tomorrow.
  • Manage your own blocklist, personal avoid,... for future reference.
  • ...
We are all human, and we can't remember everything from the past, so we should have an appropriate platform to assist us.
Road To Jobs helps you to write & note every detail of your job-seeking journey.
Road To Jobs is an OSS application for single & self-hosted usage.


  • NodeJS 18 x TypeScript
  • SurrealDB
  • Vue 3 x TypeScript
  • TailwindCSS for UI/UX

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